distribution of mutual funds

License granted by FINMA, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority,
for distribution to the public and to qualified investors


Action Finance markets funds to the public and to qualified investors. Action Finance receives distribution commissions, as compensation, pursuant to tripartite agreements with the managers of the foreign funds and their representatives.

Action Finance is free to select the funds that it offers on the basis, amongst other factors, of their quality and the volatility of the market price in comparison to the yield obtained.

Action Finance offers mutual funds, that have been authorized for sale by FINMA, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority, to independent wealth managers and their customers, whether or not they are classified as qualified investors.

When Action Finance is used by clients who are not qualified investors (i.e. Individual Investors):

  • it collects information as to the personal financial and economic situation of the client;
  • it provides every potential client with clear information prior to making an investment decision: Key Investor Information Document (KIID);
  • it warns the client if it deems the investment not to be appropriate given the high level of risk incurred;
  • it alerts the client if the investment is not compatible with their investment objectives.

Rules of conduct observed by Action Finance :

  • Provide objective advice to the client.
  • Deliver a simplified prospectus (key information) to the client.
  • Explain the characteristics and the particularities of the investments.
  • Provide information as to the risk of potential losses so that the client can form an objective image of the possible changes to the investment.
  • Set forth the client’s requirements in writing.
  • Establish an inventory as well as the reasons underlying the recommendation to purchase a specific mutual fund. Such inventory is delivered to the client.
  • Inform the client of any distribution commissions received.
  • Prevent and provide information as to any conflicts of interest.
  • Observe the rules of conduct established by the Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association SFAMA.