Opinions by Daniel Glasner, founder & CEO of Action Finance.


What is really needed in the market is a “Robo Advisor” that can be sued for providing a “shoddy” advice to the investor.

I have red Ms  Claer Barrett article which was published on the on March 15: Robo advice can never exterminate the UK’s financial frailty. I like Ms Barrett article and agree on her conclusion. Most retail and qualified investors should benefit from new robotised internet technology. But, it is still a… Lire la suite

The transformation of the mutual fund industry, with respect to commissions retroceded to sellers/distributors is in progress

Will this change affect the individual investor? One of the terms used in the jargon of the industry is TOTAL EXPENSE RATIO (or “TER”). The TER is calculated by adding up all of the annual costs incurred by a mutual fund and dividing this amount net asset value of the fund…. Lire la suite

Switzerland is still in the last century when it comes to legislation with respect to the opening of a bank account via the Internet

Swiss finish How is it possible that Swiss legislation is so backward when it comes to Internet banking? Certainly out of a fear of establishing a relationship with a straw man or because contracts signed with a pen on paper cannot be falsified. However this is obsolete thinking. Whether or not… Lire la suite