Thanks to his wide-ranging knowledge in the areas of banking, governance, compliance (including risk management) and the regulations (including with respect to compliance), as well as wealth management and trading and also business reorganization, he provides advice on strategy to both independent wealth managers and smaller banks. As the Chief Executive Officer of a Geneva-based wealth management company specializing in business reorganizations, he acted as the linchpin in obtaining a securities dealer’s license for it under SESTA (the Swiss Federal Act on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading) in 1999 and a banking license in 2003. In addition, he has conducted in-depth investigations in the area of wealth management, for example with respect to insider trading or as to the losses suffered by “feeder” funds for Bernie Madoff. He is the former Chairman and an honorary member of the Swiss Association of Independent Financial Advisers (SAIFA), which is comprised of 200 members, Daniel Glasner is continuing to contribute to shaping the future of the profession of independent financial advisor in Switzerland.


Jean-David Hirschy possesses over 20 years experience in bank auditing and advising on compliance. He commenced his career as an external auditor for Ernst & Young and then held several senior posts with banks located in Geneva and Zürich. He now works as an external compliance consultant for institutions in both Europe and the Middle East and has specialized for a long time in recruitment, working as a headhunter in the area of compliance as well as for specific types of banking executives. His pragmatic approach and his knowledge of private banking make him an ideal contact and credible spokesperson in working out simple and practical solutions. Jean-David Hirschy holds a degree in Compliance Management from the University of Geneva.


Laurent Franceschetti has over 20 years experience in the banking sector, particularly in strategy, diligence, in-depth investigations, organizational structures and new technologies. With an engineering degree from EPFL, he has also worked on practical problems including the improvement in the productivity and the reliability of financial procedures (both front and back office) while ensuring compliance with the regulations, in particular within the framework of major technological changes. He worked for several years on issues and projects relating to the taxation of financial assets (taxation of operations, tax compliance, Tax Radar software). He has also acted as a speaker and regularly published articles in the business press. Laurent Franceschetti is the founder of the consulting firm SettleNext and Swiss Financial Knowledge.


Fredi Lutz has over 40 years experience working in the financial markets specializing in the area of trading and risk management. He was responsible for all of the domestic and international trading business of various assets within a major Swiss bank as well as for the account of various private banks in Switzerland. As head of the trading department, he led highly qualified teams who managed to generate excellent results, particularly in the currency, precious metals and commercial paper markets. Fredi Lutz restructured the still obsolete procedures used in certain trading rooms with the objective of improving risk control; this permitted these banks to increase the volume of transactions while reducing their risk exposure. Fredi Lutz graduated from the Swiss Business School. Throughout his career, he has also participated in numerous banking seminars.


Hervé Croset has worked for 15 years for HSBC Private Bank in Geneva in various positions, last one as Head of Global Fund Strategy and Deputy Head Asset Management. He is specialized in Fund selection as well as Fund and Portfolio Advisory and also in portfolio construction. Before joining the British bank in 2001, Hervé Croset has worked since 1997 in several positions for UBS Wealth Management, UBS Global AM, Credit Suisse First Boston or NBK.