An ecosystem combining skills, experience and know-how
with the goal of successfully completing complex mandates and projects.

In order to transform an Independent Asset Manager company in Switzerland seeking a banking license, or a securities license under SESTA (the Swiss Federal Act on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading), it is necessary to possess a good dose of credibility, knowledge and practical experience without forgetting the ethical dimension (Fit & Proper Status). These skills and values permitted Daniel Glasner, the founder of Action Finance by Daniel Oscar Glasner SA, to launch in 2004 a strategy and organizational consulting business intended to provide support in Switzerland for existing and newly created financial institutions.

Indeed, the wealth management and securities trading business have been constructed by amalgamating the existing methods with knowledge of modern investment practices. In addition, investment procedures are rapidly changing thanks to the revolution in information technology as well the growth in laws and regulations which never cease to multiply. Given this situation, it proved to be wise choice for Action Finance by Daniel Oscar Glasner SA to invest in a niche that had been left almost vacant by the auditing firms and lawyers.

long experience and practical knowledge of the terrain


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” — Charles Darwin

As this statement makes clear, it is essential to have a real capacity for evolution. Very few people are capable of imagining, a long time in advance, the changes that will occur. The more one understands what can be improved in the investment processes offered to clients and can quickly respond to their requirements, the more one is in a position to endure the changes and even profit from them. Furthermore, the rules of the game with respect to the competition is changing and the legislation never ceases to multiply.

an integrated multidisciplinary team


“In hell, the police are German, the mechanics are French, the cooks are English, the lovers are Swiss and everything is organized by the Italians. In heaven, the police are English, the mechanics are German, the cooks are French, the lovers are Italian and everything is organized by the Swiss.” — Old saying

The availability of multiple skills is absolutely key. In order to succeed with an assignment, each of the experts contributing to the success of Action Finance, must know their skills and their limits. Working as a team only works if each of the members of the team knows the position in which they are all playing and fully participates. Within Action Finance, we do everything possible to create a veritable paradise on earth.

discover our Key People

an extensive professional and contact network


“Tell me where you go with and I will tell you who you are.” — Old saying

It is important to have confidence in the network being used. A network has no value unless the members of the network each make an effort to remain at the peak of their skills. Since no one can know everything, contact with the right person can allow the best solution to be found for a given combination of facts and a gain in time. This mutual assistance requires reciprocity which also obligates us to remain up to date with our knowledge. We are very honored to be able to count on a large number of people and institutions who have confidence in us. Furthermore, management of conflicts of interests is of primordial importance and accordingly we avoid any situation that could be detrimental to the interests of our clients.

rapidity of execution and a pragmatic vision


“If you are afraid of losing time, begin a few months earlier.” — Maria Edgeworth & Richard Lovell Edgeworth

By continuing to perform on a regular basis certain tasks that we have mastered, we have acquired the experience that will permit us to complete a job quickly without risking poor execution. This speed constitutes an advantage when time is pressing and the completion of a project or the obtaining of a license or an agreement are at stake. However, nothing is to be served by speed if it comes at the cost of a poorly executed job, since sooner or later the problems will surface. Time spent can also result in additional costs, accordingly our clients are provided with a list of priorities and realistic deadlines for the accomplishment of their objectives. Certain tasks may turn out to be new and complex, however we can complete them expeditiously thanks to a pragmatic vision of the situation we are confronting.