audit of the asset management activity

A complete analysis of the methodology and the financial instruments used in light of the powers granted.

A complete analysis of the methodology and the financial instruments used in light of the powers granted.

Once investment performance has failed to meet a client’s expectations, the client has a right to pose the following questions:

  • I had confidence in my investment advisor. Did I simply not understand what he was up to?
  • Was the investment mandate I granted performed correctly?
  • Were excessive risks incurred and were the investments suitable?

Action Finance by Daniel Oscar Glasner SA will conduct a complete analysis (in-depth investigation) of the investment advisory services for the portfolio by conducting an inventory and attempting to find a logical explanation for all of the transactions that have been performed (spot currency, futures, options, transactions in bond and stock markets, structured products, mutual funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, etc.) which led to the gains and losses.

Action Finance will provide an initial factual analysis which will include the following work:


  • Interview(s) with the client, their lawyer and anyone else required. 
  • Collection of the information and facts that the client and the other


  • Involved persons, including the custodian bank, will be required to furnish, in paper or digital format


  • Analysis of the content of the contractual documents


  • Classification of the powers granted to the Advisor or Asset Manager (no mandate, execution only, discretionary / limited power of attorney for management or an advisory mandate)


  • Search for miscellaneous information and circumstances as to the organizational and legal structure used by the Asset Manager /Advisor (Commercial Register, Registry of Advisors, Internet, use of the Action Finance contact network, Registration of the Asset Manager with a Supervisory Organism “SO”, Supervisory Authority and a professional body, etc.)


  • Analysis of the current composition of the portfolio and the risks incurred


  • Summary identification of the investment vehicles involved


  • If possible, an analysis of the initial composition of the portfolio and the subsequent changes


  • Investigation as to whether the Asset Manager’s actions exceeded or breached their mandate


  • Verification that the Asset Manager complied with the Code of Conduct and the financial regulation applicable in Switzerland and abroad


  • Drafting of a summary report