mergers and acquisitions

Search for potential candidates, negotiation, evaluation, analysis of the chances of success and advice with respect to a merger or acquisition.

Market forces and the new laws FinSA and FinIA are pushing Asset Managers and Financial Advisors to review how they are positioned. In Switzerland, the wealth management business, whether conducted within a bank or by an independent Asset Manager, has increasingly been called into question.

Indeed, since 1st January 2020 a major upheaval affects the Financial Advisory and the Independent Asset Management professions. The latter can only be conducted after receiving an authorization and being prudentially monitored (and possibly sanctioned) by FINMA the “Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority”, which surveillance is internationally recognized.

Pursuant to a mandate granted to Action Finance either by the buyer or by the seller Action Finance will identify the Asset Managers (targets) and analyze their strengths and weaknesses according to their expansion or contraction plans.

In a search for potential partners or a sale, the most important thing is not just the accounting and budget information that is submitted by the parties to Action Finance; the most important is to understand the personalities of the people who built and run their business, it is to encompass their philosophy of life and their business model.

It is also the resemblance and of the men /companies and how they complement each other which determine their linking. Needless to say, their investment philosophy needs to be also analogue.

A successful merger or acquisition benefits the clients, the shareholders and also the employees.

Mergers and acquisitions


  • Signature of an engagement letter with Action Finance
  • Seeking out /identifying the target Purchaser / Seller
  • Signature of a “non-binding” letter of intent
  • Meetings with the Purchaser / Seller and /or its representatives
  • Assistance within the framework of the negotiations
  • Coordination and planning of the tasks to be completed in order to obtain an authorization from the supervisory body

Determination of the structure of the transaction: establishing the steps which will define the terms of the offer

  • Valuing the company (to be purchased or sold)
  • Analyzing the structure of the transaction
  • Advising the lawyers during the preparation of the drafts of the merger/ purchase agreement through the signature

Assistance during the phase of acquisition / sale

  • Organizing the Due Diligence process
  • During the negotiations
  • Creation of the Data Room (digital or physical)
  • Searches for new directors & executives
  • Drafting the Business Plan which will be submitted to the supervisory authorities
  • Coordinating the Due Diligence process
  • Oversight of the lawyers (legal & tax)
  • Oversight of the experts/ specialists/ technical advisors
  • Oversight of the lawyers during the drafting of the application to be submitted to supervisory authority

As a neutral, continuous assistance after the signing of the purchase/ sale agreement

  • Monitoring on site(s) of the crucial steps of the purchase/ sale agreement
  • Mediation:  preventing / resolving conflicts between the parties (integration, modifications/ discontinuing of activities
  • Drafting of periodic reports transmitted to the Merger/Acquisition Committee and /or the Board of Directors